Weapons of Lau Gar

Lau Gar incorporates within its syllabus a number of various weapons, these range in size and shape from Knives for close quarter use, up to the Tiger Fork or Trident where the aim is to keep the opponent at a distance.

Students are introduced to weapon training following a period of approximately 18 months of tuition in unarmed combat. This delay enables the student to develop the strength stamina and coordination that will play a vital role in the use and eventual mastery of the various weapons.

Although students are taught all the various weapons when they achieve the appropriate grade, not all the weapons will suit every individual, and it is not uncommon for students to specialise in a favoured weapon.

Below is a list of the weapons normally used in the Lau Gar Syllabus with a brief description of their characteristics? It is important to remember however that this description is only a summery and is not a comprehensive explanation of the weapon, or its usage.

Eye Brow Staff / Wooden Staff – Long Weapon

Broad Sword – Short Weapon

Butterfly Knives – Short Weapon

Tiger Fork / Trident – Long Weapon

Kwan Dao – Long Weapon

Spear – Long & Short Weapon

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