Purple Sash

Walking Techniques
Cern Dong Ping Choi Tsin Tak – Upper Block, Punch and Front Kick
Joun Dong Ping Choi Yeun Tak – Middle Block, Punch and Turning Kick
Har Dong Ping Choi Warng Tak – Lower Block, Punch and Side Kick
Sern Pak Jurn Farn Choi Hou Tsarn – Double Palm, Back Punch and Back Kick
Set Movements
Kay Boon Sau Fa – Basic Hand Movement
Jorn Sau – Set Hand Movement
Charp Choi – Drilling Hands
Far Kuin – Flower Fist
Fei Lung Gee – Finger Movements of the Dragon
Other Techniques
Houn Sau Doi Dough – Knife Defence
Gee Yau Bok Gaik – Free Fighting