For over 35 years Master Jeremy Yau has been teaching Lau Gar Kung Fu in Great Britain to students from all walks of life.

Based in Birmingham, at the British Kung Fu Association headquarters in Digbeth, his philosophy and teachings have permeated far and wide, with Lau Gar clubs now present in every major city in Great Britain and many, many more throughout the towns and villages of the country.

Lau Gar Kung Fu is derived from a form of Chinese boxing practiced at Kuei Ling Temple situated in Guang Xi province in West China. It was learned from a monk on retreat from that temple by the Master ‘Three Eyed Lau’, a Tiger hunter, whom we honour as the founder of our style. The style subsequently became very popular over a large part of South West China.

The fighting techniques of the style are based upon the movements of the five Shaolin Animals: Dragon (Lung), Tiger (Foo), Snake (Sai), Leopard (Pow) and Crane (Hok), with the mental training and fighting strategy being derived from Buddhist philosophy. Particularly important in this respect are the concepts of change (impermanence) and emptiness (void).

Classified as a ‘Southern, hard, external’ form of Kung Fu, Lau Gar specializes in short fist techniques, executed from firm stances, and also in excelling in stick work. Such classifications are useful only in comparing the style with another, say Tai Chi Chuan, which may be classified as ‘Northern, soft, internal’, specializing in long fist techniques, and has more to do with the order in which the training proceeds.

Like all Shaolin derived systems Lau Gar has a significant internal content to its training, as well as “soft style” techniques, though these require significantly more practice to master as the power that makes them effective is not of the obvious (external) type. Other elements of Lau Gar training include Body conditioning, Chi Gung, Chi Na as well as Tai Chi and meditation.

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