Green Sash

Walking Techniques
Beau Gee Ping Choi – Spear Hand and Punch
Sern Beau Gee – Double Spear Hands
Sern Ping Choi – Double Punches
Sern Yeeu Kiu – Double Bridge Hands

Kicking Techniques
Cern Ma Tsin Tak – One Step Front Kick
Cern Ma Yeun Tak – One Step Turning Kick
Cern Ma Warng Tak – One Step Side Kick
Cern Ma Hou Tsarn – One Step Back Kick
Cern Ma Ciun Tak – One Step Spinning Kick
Hand Blocks
Fu Jau – Tiger Claws – No.7 Hand Block
Godd Sau Ding Jurn – Harvest Hand and Palm Strike – No.8 Hand Block
Kick Blocks
Bong Sau Bow Jarn – Bridge Hand Block and Elbow Strike – No.7 Kick Block
Churn Ma Jorn Choi – Slide Step and Upper Punch – No.8 Kick Block
Set Movements
Kay Boon Sau Fa – Basic Hand Movement
Jorn Sau – Set Hand Movement
Charp Choi – Drilling Hands
Other Techniques
Gee Yau Bok Gaik – Free Fighting