Throughout the year we at Central England Lau Gar hold numerous course both in Lau Gar techniques and other forms of martial arts.

All our courses are a minimum of three hours long and are open to students of all ages and grades. Some but not all of the courses are open to none Lau Gar students, please ask for more details. The following are a selection of courses that are firm favourites of all students.

Introduction to Broad Sword

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Lau Gar Stick

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Sticking Hands

Chi Sau or “Sticking Hands” is a technique that involves feeling what an opponent is doing, reacting to touch rather than sight.

Students practice by holding their arms out in front of them, maintaining contact with each other’s forearms while executing techniques. Each participant will endeavour to sense changes in the others body mechanics, posture or momentum being careful to keep themselves defended at all times. If either one feels a weakness in the defence of the other he/she will thrust out a strike into the gap hitting the opponent in the chest or worse.

After an extended period of practice students will find that they are able to shut their eyes, and still be able to defend themselves against whatever their partner throws at them.

In a real fight, this technique is very useful, since it means that the instant contact is made, a Chi Sau practitioner can feel what his opponent is trying to do, and react quickly in order to defend himself.

At Central England Lau Gar Clubs, Chi Sau is introduced early in a studentÕs training and is subsequently enhanced by more comprehensive courses that are ran on an annual basis.

Chin Na Su

Chin Na or Chin Na Su is a Chinese term that describes techniques used in the Chinese martial arts that control or lock an opponent’s joints or muscles/tendons so he cannot move, thus neutralizing the opponent’s fighting ability.

Many of the techniques found in Chi Na can be traced back many centuries to the Shaolin Temple, there as in most Kung Fu styles the secrets and techniques of Chi Na are passed down from one generation to another.

Mastery of the knowledge and techniques found in Chi Na can literally decide the destiny of your enemy. These techniques when performed correctly can kill, cause unbearable pain by tearing muscles and sinews, break bones or render a person unconscious. To achieve most of the above deftness of skill, not brute force is a pre requisite, this can only be achieved by daily practice.

Chin Na techniques are many and varied; they include blows to vulnerable points, as well as gripping, grappling and strangling etc. Depending on the area attacked the resulting injuries may include the separation of muscles tissue and sinews, dislocation of bones and joints, Suffocation and death.

Although Chi Na is not taught as a specific element of the Lau Gar Syllabus there are a great number of the techniques of Chi Na to be found within the syllabus. In addition to these techniques, Chi Na courses are run on an annual basis to all those interested.

Kali Knife Fighting

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Chinese Fan

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Breakfalls and Throwing Techniques

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Lau Gar Sets/Forms

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Twice a year we hold a small inter club tournament for all students training with one of the our Central England club instructors. These tournaments are designed to inform and assist our students in the techniques required for national and international competition as well as creating a good team spirit within the squad. Although not compulsory, competition fighting allows the students the opportunity to try out their skills against another opponent in a competitive environment.


Students are able to take their grading under the supervision of Sifu Alan Neeld. As a senior instructor, Sifu Alan Neeld is able to grade all students to Brown sash. Sifu Neeld also sits on the Black sash grading panel alongside Master Yau and other guardian instructors.

Grading’s at Central England Lau Kung Fu schools are taken four times a year with dates being announced in January, students from all Lau Gar clubs are welcome to apply to take their grading with Sifu Alan Neeld as long as their instructor has been informed before hand.

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